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The Inside Scoop

The story of Gotham Freeze is a classic boy-meets-gelato-meets-girl love story. 


Classically trained by dessert connoisseurs from Italy, Dennis had long dreamed of starting his own dessert brand. It wasn’t until he met and married his sweet (pun intended) wife Anne that they put their collective faith behind this passion. 


It’s with their strong belief that life is meant to be savored and celebrated to the fullest that they opened Gotham Freeze: an indulgent and distinctive frozen dessert brand that makes life - and moments - that much sweeter. 


With every detail perfected, the perfect creamy consistency achieved, and all flavors fine-tuned and small-batch frozen, they opened Gotham Freeze in NY.


Artisan Gelato

Indulgent. Distinctive. Premium Frozen Desserts.

Made with local-ingredients and some handed down flavor profiles from our NYC, Southern, and Caribbean roots, we are serving up classic favorites like Indulgent Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate and Pistachio, to the more eclectic Rum Raisin and Peach Cobbler - and have more limited-time-only offerings available seasonally. 


Every Gotham Freeze treat is proof that sweet dreams really do come true.

The Gotham Freeze Way.

Family Owned & Operated. 
Locally Sourced Ingredients.
Small Batch Quality.  
Made Authentic.
Flavored Eclectic.

Gotham Freeze Lemon Sorbetto
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